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Fire Hose and accessories
Racks, reels, nozzles

(3p) Single jacket polyester
(economy)  Rubber lined - 300 psi test - immune to mildew - lightweight, strong, and flexible.  Sizes: 1-1/2 inch through 2-1/2 inches. 

(5P) Single jacket (industrial)  Rubber lined, 500 psi test - recommended for industrial interior and exterior fire protection.  Sizes: 1 inch through 4 inches. 

6A) Double jacket - Rubber lined, tough construction for heavy industrial applications.  600 psi test.  Sizes: 1 inch through 6 inches. 

(RR) Rack n' Reel Hose - Lightweight, compact, thermoplastic lined.  Folds easily for pin rack storage.  All synthetic construction is immune to mildew.  500 psi test.  Sizes: 1-1/2 inch through 2-1/2 inches. 


Industrial Rubber Covered - 500/600 from Superior Hose

Superior Full Flow Rubber Covered fire hoses are lightweight flexible layflat hoses.  The hose is specially designed as maintenance free hose lines.  These third generation products are built from specially formulated synthetic nitrile rubber to produce excellent resistance to fuels, chemicals, oils, heat, cold and environmental pollutants.  They are impervious to molds, mildew and other airborne organisms.  Full flow fire hoses are specifically designed to be maintenance free so they can just be wiped down and returned to service. 

Superior Full Flow fully meets the requirements of the NFPA Standard 1961 for 750 PSI burst single jacket fire hoses.  They are designed to pack flat.  They are also designed to lay dead straight at full working pressure.  This takes away another worry at the fire scene.  The optimized design results in minimum friction loss and hence you can run longer lines and still maintain 100 PSI at the nozzle...for dependable, maintenance free Industrial fire hoses, specify Superior Full Flow - no exceptions!

Dura-Light HD

1 1/2" x 50', NST threads, Aluminum couplings 
1 1/2" x 100', NST threads, Aluminum couplings  call for pricing


Dura-Light LD - Light duty washdown and maintenance hose.  Designed with an extruded interlocking matrix.  Compact and Space Saving.  Colors: Red or Yellow.  Available in sizes 1 inch through 2-3/4 inches.  Flexible for easy handling.  400 psi (28 bar) test. Dura-Light LD

1 1/2" x 50', NST threads, Aluminum couplings  call for pricing
1 1/2" x 100', NST threads, Aluminum couplings  


Dura-Light HE - In-plant fire protection and washdown. Compact & Lightweight.  Available in sizes 1-1/2 inch through 2-1/2 inches.  Colors: Yellow, Red, and Black.  UL Listed.  400 Test PSI. Dura-Light HE

1 1/2" x 50', NST threads, Aluminum couplings call for pricing
1 1/2" x 100', NST threads, Aluminum couplings 

Fire Hose Cabinets  from JL Industries

from $211.00 and up
from $470 and up
w/SAF-T-LOKā„¢ from $225 on up

Fire Extinguisher Hose and Valve Cabinets

Download Document
Fire Extinguisher Hose and Valve Cabinets - FX Option Download Document

Click on above for the spec and submittal sheets, contact Bruce for any questions.


HR4FM                                RC25    
 Fire Hose Rack                                                     Rack cover  depending on
 #HR4FM - for up to 100' rack hose                        the rack you have and size of hose you need 
#HR5FM - for up to 100' Single jacket hose 


    FHR   HDR19          FHRC18
   Hose Reel economy hose reel    Large hose reel, heavy duty           Hose reel cover
#HDR19 19"                                  18" cover $30.00, 24" 


     #15NST                 #117N
E15NST       117N113N is economy version of the 117N  -

1 1/2" Adjustable Fog/Stream/Shut-off Polycarbonate Nozzle
1 1/2" Brass NST Fog Nozzle
1 1/2" Adjustable Brass Economy Fog Nozzle (NST

* please specify if you need 1 1/2" or 2 1/2" and whether it is NST threads or other


Universal Spanner Wrench, # W570       W570  

 511N, 512N  Brass caps  #511N

U250                                     ABCA (back)
Plastic break caps #B150NST                                Aluminum break caps #ABCA, 2 1/2"     

** Prices do not include freight or tax.

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