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Fire Suppression System for Commercial Cooking Applications

range guard - wet chemical system Guarding Against...
  • property damage
  • business interruption
  • potential injury
  • high installation costs
  • high maintenance costs
UL 300 Listed

The UL 300 Standards says:  click here to see

Each Range Guard® system comes with:

Over 37 Years of Proven Performance Range Guard was the first UL-listed wet chemical fire suppression system

Built-In Cost Savings
Range Guard’s pre-engineered design gives you: optimal versatility, safety, and effectiveness inexpensive hardware and system installation fast and cost-effective system maintenance & upgrades

World Class Service
Badger Fire Protection backs all its products with the best customer service and technical support. Range Guard comes with Badger’s assurance of the highest quality workmanship and service.

First with the Best!

Fast, Reliable Fire Suppression

...could mean everything to the success of your business!
Rely on Range Guard for:

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Easy and Affordable to Install & Maintain stove view

More Choice

range guard system
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Range Guard provides...

Listed & Approved ISO 9001 CertifiedCertified Quality

Badger's Range Guard Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System is made in America in accordance with ISO 9001 certified quality standards.

Features of the System

range guard
All Range Guard systems are designed, installed and serviced by a national network of manufacturer-trained authorized distributors. A local distributor in Des Moines is General Fire and Safety, 515-265-3206


Badger Logo Range Guard is a product of Badger Fire
(if you need to talk to RangeGuard call  tele # (800) 446-3857

Call on us to talk about your fire suppression system or the installation of a new system.  We can normally install with as little as a couple days notice.  Installation is usually an 8 hour period and no cooking can take place during installation. 


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